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Online Membereship Renewal


Note: When making an on-line payment, it is vital that the bank reference fields include your name.

If this is not done we will not know who made the bank deposit.

If you would rather pay by cheque, Just print off the filled out form and post with your cheque or hand it in 

at the Learning Centre.


Memory Nudge


A few places left for this course starting Thursday 29 September – 1.00 pm - $10.00 per person

Pinterest is the world’s catalogue of ideas and a fun way of downloading and using information on any number of subjects.  Recipes, knitting patterns, gardening are some of the subjects we have used.  This gives inspiration and other ideas to try.


Tuesday 11 October at 1.00pm - $10.00 per person

If you are not yet into Facebook you can guarantee your kids or grandkids are. An exciting up-to-date way to keep in contact with family and friends both here and around the world.




SeniorNet is a community training network that supports and motivates people aged 50+ to enjoy and use technology in their everyday lives.

Join in the fun and learn how to do everything from simple word-processing to sending emails and searching the internet. In small, friendly and stress-free classes, you’ll gain the skills and confidence you need to get the most out of information technology.

Location: 67 Henderson Valley Rd   Ph 837-7600  snwa27@xtra.co.nz

P O Box 69016, Glendene, Auckland 0645.

SeniorNet West Auckland Regular Events

 February to mid-December

1st Tuesday of the month:         Committee Meeting

3rd Tuesday of the month:         SNWA Meeting at Kelston Community Centre 10.00 am

4th Tuesday of the month:         Writing Family Stories – members working on the presentation

 of their own family stories: formatting, putting in index, table of contents, footnotes etc.

SeniorNet West Auckland offers the following classes on a regular basis as requested by three or more learners:

Word Processing: Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 at differing levels: Basics, Stage 1, 2 and 3.

Libre Office.



Samsung Galaxy.

For further information check our list of Courses Available and Prices 2016.

Beside the regular classes, SeniorNet West Auckland offers a wide variety of workshops, single two-hour sessions concentrating on an interesting feature or common problem.



Enquiries regarding courses: please contact Pam, 827 2156 melajoy@xtra.co.nz

or Shirley on 817 0540 wakelinz@orcon.net.nz






Windows 7 Basics

For new members who want to learn computer skills. Suitable for members who have Windows 7 on their computers.

2 Weeks


Windows 8.1 Basics

To extend your knowledge of the W8.1 operating system; looking in depth at Start menu, apps, the Store, images, downloads etc.

3 weeks.


Microsoft Word 2007/2010

Stages 1 and 2

(Word processing)

Each stage consists of 3 lessons covering the skills to make a useful, attractive document, including ribbons, menus, folders, editing, inserting and modifying images.

3 weeks

$30.00 each stage

Libre Office

A free download alternative to Microsoft Word. the course covers similar functions to Microsoft Word.

4 weeks


Files and Folders

This short course demonstrates  file management alternatives to those shown in the word processing course.

2 weeks



Windows Live Mail

2 weeks


iPad Introduction

Setting up, using email and Contacts, apps.

2 hours


iPad: Beyond the Basics

Settings, email, Calendar, Apps, Facetime, Camera, internet.

3 weeks


Samsung Galaxy Workshop

Getting started, settings, email, contacts, camera

2 hours


Samsung Galaxy

Extending your knowledge of Galaxy, settings, apps screens, Notes

3 weeks



Apple Mac

An introductory course. Bring your laptop and learn how to get the best out of it.

3 weeks


Windows 10

Windows 10 - first class 3 weeks.

3 weeks



Windows 10

Extra classes will be introduced in the form of workshops, independent study or interest groups.




Excel Spreadsheets

Keeping records and accounts for small business, clubs,or for personal use. It involves the use of formulae for calculations, creates charts and tables.

4 weeks



Excel Spreadsheets Part 2

For more advanced students - graphs, pie charts etc

2 weeks


Digital Camera and Picasa

Introductory course- using the features of your camera, scanning and picture enhancement using Picasa 3.

4 weeks


Digital Camera Only

Discovering the capabilities of your camera.

2 weeks


Picasa 3 Only

Photograph enhancement, creating folders, emailing, printing and scanning photos.

2 weeks


Formatting Documents

Using Word tools to format large documents, including index, table of contents, footnotes. For Family Histories, manuals and even cookbooks.

3 weeks



Google Drive

Introduction to the basic use of Google’s free web based office suite. This can be used as an alternative to Word.

2 weeks



The effective use of the Google search engine to find websites, images, maps, and general information.

2 weeks




Short courses on various topics. Including: TradeMe, Skype, Scams, Greeting Cards, Computer Maintenance, Internet Banking, Security, Backing up, Calendars, Travel, PowerPoint (2 wks), Facebook, Pinterest

2 hours

$10.00 per 2 hour session

Interest Groups

Formatting Family Stories; some aspects of Windows 10; Help Clinic





The   monthly meeting will be held on Tuesday 20th September 2016 at 10 am.

 The guest speaker will be Chloe Swarbrick who will be speaking about the Auckland City Council.  How well do you know your local board? What does the Mayor actually do? What is the land value proportion of the capital value you pay in rates? Learn, ask questions and chat with Chloe about how Auckland Council Works.

 Venue Kelston Community Centre Trusting you will be able to attend.


Courses for September

Internet Banking – Wednesday 21 September – 1.00 pm - $10.00

If you are not yet using Internet Banking, this is your chance to learn.  Save yourself going to the Bank, writing cheques, getting statements, changing investments etc. 

Security, Safety & Scams – Wednesday 28 September – 10.00 am - $10.00

Is your security system up to date?  Have you had your computer checked for safety procedures and Scams.  This is vital to ensure your computer does not ‘crash’ and most important to everyone.

Pinterest – Thursday 29 September – 1.00 pm - $10.00

Pinterest is the world’s catalogue of ideas and a fun way of downloading and using information on any number of subjects.  Recipes, knitting patterns, gardening are some of the subjects we have used.  This gives inspiration and other ideas to try.

Please note that the above courses are one day only at $10.00.

Help wanted Assistant Tutors and Tutors

Please volunteer by return email. gmyates@xtra.co.nz


Glenys Yates