Newsletter, March/April, 2019 

From the Chair 
Hi Everyone 

We have decided to have an Open Week during the last week of March, from the 25th to the 29th, and plans are now being finalised. The idea of an Open Week is that anyone can take part in the sessions and do not have to be members of SeniorNet in order to do so. Itís a good way to see how we run the classes and find out what we do. The classes will be $10 per 2-hour session and must be booked through Pam, our Course Co-ordinator. For those who are already members itís a good chance to maybe experience something new. 

So please keep an eye on our website for the full details which should be available soon and let your friends know whatís happening too. The classes will cover, amongst others, topics such as: Introduction to Apple Mac, Gmail, FaceBook, Snapfish, Internet Downloading. 

We will be holding our usual Help Session on the Tuesday morning of that week. Our Tutors are working hard to make sure this is a fun week, so please come along and support them. 

We look forward to seeing you.